Aeiader Caden

Player Character of Cooper M.


Race: Half elf
Age: 30
5’10" slender with light brown eyes, tan skin, and dark brown hair/
Class: Ranger


My name is Aeiader Caden, and this is my story. It all started with Aunt Molli, or Mollian Herbbusch. Molli owned a herb and spice shop in town and is still to this day the jolliest person I ever knew and probably will know. She heard me crying (as I was only a baby then) one day while she was collecting some herbs out in the woods and came to investigate. She found me in a cradle on the side of the road next to a ruined cart. There was no one in sight and the only form of identification was the name Caden engraved on a metal metal strip on my cradle. She decided to take me home first and figure out what to do next. After a year and no one in town came to pick up the baby or anyone with the surname Caden, she guessed she would raise me.
Now raising me was a problem, since her house was built for Halflings and not Half-Elfs. When I became able to talk, she quickly taught me to read as well, and then taught me to speak Elvish as to embrace both of my heritages, figuring out from my pointed ears soon after I started talking. She also took me into her culture be teaching me Halfling, which she said is not taught to other races, but taught it to me anyway because I would understand her better as she often used Halfling words. But the most prominent parts of my childhood was exploring the forests around Molli’s house. I would always tell her that I would one day be one of the rangers that roam and explore the Timber Circle, and as luck would have it, I did become a Ranger. But my childhood wasn’t over yet, when I was fifteen, a few weeks before my sixteenth birthday, I found a little scrawny puppy in the woods one day, and Molli was so surprised when I came home all muddy with a dog in my arms. I named the dog Buddy and decided to keep him, against Molli’s wishes, but over the next year she did learn to love him, quicker then she would have ever admitted.
Then nearly a year after I found Buddy, Molli was excited to announce that she was going to be able to buy a new packhorse soon, as she was going to close a big spice deal to a traveling Noble, the deal hadn’t happened yet but I swear I remembering her jumping around the house that evening before the deal. It was also her last evening. She had most of the spice stored in her spice shed behind the house. She had already moved most of the spice to the store the day before but still had to move three barrels. However, on her way to the store, she was killed by highway bandits who had been told a large amount of spice was being shipped by one person. Once she left, I went back inside to feed buddy, but then I noticed that Molli left her shop keys behind in her excitement, so Buddy and I quickly ran after her to give her the keys although she had an hour start. It took us half an hour to reach the ruined cart, by the time we got there, we found a barrel full of spice cracked on the ground in front of the cart. It must have broke the reins as the horse was nowhere to be seen, as was Molli and in shock, despair, and a feeling that I could have done something, ran back to the house fighting back tears. By the time I got there, I had trouble thinking, so I put my hunting gear into a bag and ran off into the woods.
I spent nearly eleven years out in the woods, I built a shack, sharpened my hunting skills, and sat there, until one evening, late into my tenth year, I had a knock on my door. At first I grabbed one of my axes and waited for an attack that didn’t come. After what seemed like forever, I got up out of my chair and moved over towards the door. I then opened it fast and brought up my axe to find that…no one was there. I looked around to find any signs as to where the person who knocked on my door went, there were no footprints and nothing moved as far as my eye could see. When I looked down, I saw a little necklace with a carved wooden leaf on the end. I still have this necklace out of curiosity, and still don’t know what it is.
My dog died at the end of the eleventh year, and I decided to venture into civilization again. So I did the same thing as before, I grabbed my pack and moved on, but instead of running, I walked. I spent the next two years wandering the lands, and seeing it all. However, I have only one goal at the moment, to figure out what that necklace is and possibly who could have put it on my doorstep, and why they did it.

Aeiader Caden

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